# Amp Extractor

In the version iteration of the AMP EXTRACTOR you are able to use your yield and donate it to differen projects like e.g. AngelProtocol, LUNC DAO Burn or TerraSpaces. Each project has a list of 10 pools where you can define how much of your yield you want to donate.

You can participate, by depositing your amp[TOKEN] inside one of the corresponding pools. Withdrawing token in amp[TOKEN] again is immediate.

When withdrawing and the underlying asset (amp[TOKEN]) value has changed, you will receive less amp[TOKEN]. But the underlying Token amount will still increase or stay the same for 100% pools.

The smart contract is also highly tax efficient, as by depositing into one of the pools you will receive a LP Token, so it is a single taxable event and the rest is automated.

Initially we will only support our Liquid Staking Derivates [LSD] for yield extraction.

# Operator

The project operator has now the possibility to withdraw donated yield from any number of the pools or filter them by the donation amount to be gas efficient. As the split is only a logical separation based on the exchange rate, the project will receive amp[TOKEN] that they will need to manually convert or swap to [TOKEN] for further usage or keep amp[TOKEN] as part of their treasury.

# Second generation

In the second generation of our product we will extend it to also allow splitting other amp[ASSET] like amp[LP] from Amp Compounder.

# Third generation

As the technology enables the possibility of splitting yield and principle in any parts, we will also allow the usage of the yield for other investment strategies. Possibilities are DCA, Portfolio building and vesting.

# Fees

For our own amp[TOKEN / LP] we will not charge any fees for product usage.

  • Deposit Fees: 0 %
  • Performance Fees:
    • 0 % to Protocol Treasury
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %

For other liquid staking derivates we will charge a fee, that is distributed to our amp[TOKEN] users. Performance fee is charged based on the underlying asset performance.

  • Deposit Fees: 0 %
  • Performance Fees:
    • 1 % to amp[TOKEN] holders
    • 1 % to Protocol Treasury
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %